Moonnian 月球年糕 is an illustrator living in Shanghai, China. She created the character XiaoChu 小雏(a fluffy chick), SanJiaoMao 三角猫(a kitten), and YueQiuTu 月球兔(a bunny). All those are available in the WeChat sticker store.

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Music Visualization

#Creative coding #Processing #Java

I used processing to visualize this music, Kevin Olson’s “Oquirrh Mountains Shining”. This music gives me the feeling of standing in a snowy landscape. Thus, I loaded an illustration as a background, which I drew for my trip to Hokkaido, Japan.

I used MidiBus to input the pitch and velocity from my MIDI keyboard. By using the map function, the x position of the snow was the pitch of the note, and the size of the snow was the velocity of the note. With a given value of lifespan and rotation for the snow, the visualization would be snowing while playing the digital piano.

YueQiuTu’s Random Life

#Colored pencil #Gouache #Digital illustration #YueQiuTu #Original character

Poetry Collage from My Diary

#Colored pencil #Poetry collage #Zine

Happy Birthday

#Augmented reality #Digital illustration #Original character #SanJiaoMao

Original Character Designs

#Digital illustration #XiaoChu #Cell phone wallpapers #Original character

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